an ode to amelie mae


Every now and again I wander into Lush and am greeted promptly by the pungent scent of countless bath bombs, soaps, lotions, and potions sprinkled around the store. The story is usually the same: I'll putter around for a few minutes, dipping into an assortment of tester items, sniffing my arm, then sniffing it again and again, until I realize once more that everything smells, well, identical, because the only thing I can truly smell is the scent of the shop itself. I tend to leave empty-handed, and once I return to the outside world, I am pleased to be able to actually smell the various creams I chose to smother on my arms that day.

Lush and I have had an interesting relationship in the past--I truly want to love their products (and some of them, I do love; I'm a huge fan of Lush's Soak and Float Shampoo Bar and refuse to stop insisting that everyone ought to try it), but I haven't had the best of luck overall. I know some people swear by their skincare, but Lush and my temperamental face could never make friends. Even the products specifically targeted to those with sensitive skin seemed to cause flare-ups.

So yes, blah blah blah, I've learned that Lush skincare isn't for me, but this post isn't about Lush's skincare items. This post is about the day that I decided to meander over to the perfume shelf and rub my finger in various solid perfume pots and then onto my wrist, to discover that, surprise!, I couldn't smell anything I was applying. However, once I exited the shop that particular day and gave my wrist a sniff, I halted on the sidewalk and turned around to go back inside.

The perfume is called Amelie Mae, and it is the most glorious scent my nose has had the privilege to encounter. I can't describe scents, and I'll always be a bit envious of those who have that superpower, but it smells great. Sweet and warm and like a big ol' hug, and everything I never knew I was looking for. Not the most helpful description, right? I'll let Lush do the talking:

"Take an inspired stroll through a perfume garden in full bloom. Breathe deeply and drink in a sugary bouquet of ylang ylang, rose and raspberry that calls to mind nostalgic summer days. Let this sweet, innocent perfume blossom into a candied, berry-tinged floral on your skin and see the world with renewed awe."

That's a much better description--these kind of things should be left to the professionals. This scent is also available as a solid perfume, and these little pots are awesome to toss in a purse or school bag for use on-the-go. I will say, however, that the solid perfume doesn't have the greatest staying power. The perfume, on the other hand, wowza! A couple spritzes of this puppy in the morning and you'll good to go for the entire day, especially if you spray a bit on your clothes. My sweaters usually don't get washed after each wear, and they still smell like this fragrance days and days later. 

Moral of the story: check out Lush perfumes if you are in the market to pick up a new scent. (Lush's website also provides ingredient lists along with information about each ingredient--yes!)

What has been your experience with Lush products? Any favorites that you'd suggest?

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  1. Wow, yes I agree, Lush is one of those stores that has been around forever and I do admit I overlook it sometimes when I'm in the mall. I haven't tried their perfumes, but I will sure check it out after reading this post! ;)


  2. Wow sara!
    I love this post because I love lush too!
    Can I just say how inc edible your photos are?
    You are so talented!
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  3. Sounds like such an amazing product. These photos are gorgeous too! Xx


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