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I've never been one to make detailed plans--I find that I derive the greatest joy from simply letting myself roam. However, I've found it incredibly useful to have a journal dedicated to structure and organization. Doing so lets the wanderer in me live on, while simultaneously helping me remember what matters to me and what I hope to achieve. Bullet journaling has become quite a popular method for precisely this. Beyond just jotting down daily tasks that need to be completed, many use this method to keep track of important goals, habits, and routines. I use my journal hand-in-hand with Google Calendar. While the digital calendar organizes my schedule, the journal organizes my to-do lists, goals, ideas, mood, habits, etc. Think of it as a catch all for anything and everything related to your personal productivity and creativity. In addition, you design the pages yourself each month (or week, or day!), meaning that it can be customized to cater to your specific needs, even as those needs are reshaped by an ever-changing and unpredictable life. I've slowly developed a spread that works quite well for me, and I hope this post can provide spark inspiration.

001. the monthly overview

Here I include a small monthly calendar (it's helpful to see the dates with days of the week!), along with space for my goals and notes. The notes section serves as a general "brain-dump" area, where I scratch down anything from ideas and special moments to songs to listen to and books to read, etc. If you find that you'd like this to be more organized, many create dedicated pages for these sorts of topics!

002. the habit tracker

On this page, I number the first vertical row with the days of the month, then write down habits I hope to develop on the right-hand side. At the end of the day, each corresponding box receives a slash if the habit was completed. I'm also sure to include a row labeled "mood," where I keep track of how I was feeling that day. (To do this, I use a self-made key that employs different colors or patterns for various moods.) Not only is this a great way to visualize progress, but it allows you to see how your mood may be affected by performing (or not performing) certain activities. For example, perhaps when the month comes to a close, I notice that on many of the days I was feeling "meh," I wasn't eating healthily or didn't create time to exercise. This provides such great insight into how you're affected by many different behaviors, and can help deepen your self-understanding and self-awareness.

I also include space for reflection to make note of any patterns or difficulties that may emerge regarding these habits.

003. the weeks

These pages provide space to write down tasks for each day of the week. I'll also use these pages to make note of anything about that day I'd like to remember, though they mostly contain to-do lists.

Other pages ideas:
- budget planner
- blog ideas/post schedule
- exercise tracker
- places to explore

For more inspiration, Pinterest is just a click away. Happy planning, friends! (Or rather...happy introspection and goal-setting, friends!)



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