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Sara Spoke began as a beauty blog in late 2016. Although I enjoyed being a part of that online community, I found myself losing the desire to participate as I became more aware of my impact and influence. I disliked the feeling that I was perpetuating this "buy, buy, buy" mentality that so many of us fall victim to. 
More things ≠ greater happiness.

Over time, the focus of my blog began to shift from promoting the newest product release to promoting more intentional and mindful consumption. This means knowing the story of your products: what's in them, how they're made, and where they will end up when you're done using them. This means training yourself to think beyond gimmicky marketing and learning to purchase purposefully. Am I perfect at this? Absolutely not. Is anybody? Maybe? If you find someone, let me know so I can give them a big ol' high five. But what's great is that we don't have to be perfect to make an impact, we just have to nudge ourselves in the right direction. 

This shift in my blog wasn't only a shift of approach, but also a shift of content. Or rather, an expansion of content. I realized that, beyond beauty, I have a heck of a lot to talk about as I navigate my way through college, and life in general. News flash: I'm totally winging it. 

Sara Spoke celebrates the beauty in simplicity and the little changes that make a difference, and is a nod to doing the best that you can. Here you will find assorted musings and reflections on life, along with bits and bobs about beauty, travel, food, music, and others, each post crafted with care to highlight and appreciate the magic hiding between the cracks of the mundane. The ordinary is extraordinary if you allow it to be.

Nobody has it all figured out, but here's to trying--trying to do better and be better.

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